Magic Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing of Long Island, New York  can service all of your carpet cleaning & dyeing requirements using only the best products. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the different carpet fibers, either natural or synthetic, and can design a carpet cleaning program for you. And if there is ever an area that doesnt meet your satisfaction, we will come back and clean it for no additional charge! We offer Senior, Military, Fireman & Police Discounts!

A professional carpet-cleaning program will be designed to contain, remove, and dispose of all harmful bacteria in your carpet; this is the “source removal”. Carpet protecant application services available. We can analyze your carpet and make our recommendations for bringing life back into your carpet, whether it is commercial or residential grade. We are also trained in the cleaning methods of upholstery. Take the step to keep that investment on your floors one that will last the full life expectancy.

Here at Magic Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing we offer: Cleaning & Dying Carpets, Upholstery Cleaning and much more.